Travel Wild – Kaikoura New Zealand Land of the Whale Riders

The small coastal township of Kaikoura was once best known for its high unemployment, but today, it�s the whale watching capital of the world. Back in the 1980s, the local Iwi (Maori tribe) mortgaged their homes and purchased the first of what would become a fleet of whale watching vessels; transforming the community�s fortunes in the process.According to Kati Kuri legend, Paikea travelled to New Zealand on the back of a whale. So, when looking for a means to create local employment, it seemed only appropriate for his descendants to look to the whale for a better way of life.Whale Watch Kaikoura helped rally the local community around a single focus in purpose and today, this small coastal town is bursting at the seams with trendy eco-accommodations, cafes and galleries that attract nature lovers from across the globe. They come to get close to the biggest attraction of them all, sperm whales, a few hundred dolphins and a few thousand seals.What are all these creatures hanging around Kaikoura for? Lin head�s below the surface to find out.
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