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Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Their Numerous Types

Thoroughbred horse racing and their various types.
The preferred form of horse racing in the entire world is Thoroughbred horse racing and received so in style that some horse racing followers don’t know of some other form of horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is often known as the “sport of kings” by some horse racing fans. A thoroughbred horse proprietor would hire a coach to condition and train his horse for only one form of horse race, as a result of a superb trainer will know that there are training regimens for every sort of horse race. Typically an owner will opt to enter his horse in races which might be similar to what the horse is being educated for.

Thoroughbred horse racing comes in numerous completely different forms.

a) Maiden races, the sort of thoroughbred horse racing locations untested horses in opposition to each other and it’s the debut of all these race horses. Some horse racing followers like one of these thoroughbred horse racing to be more thrilling due to the truth that all of the horses involved haven’t raced before. The whole profession of a race horse in their maiden race often determines their future success and reveals the world simply what a race horse is capable of doing. In maiden races, thoroughbreds of various ages participate. In the sort of thoroughbred horse racing, so as to even the chances, horses carry related weights and no handicapped penalties are involved.


b) Allowance racing, this type of thoroughbred horse racing entails horses which have already raced in their maiden race however aren’t ready for the grand stakes races. Normally, this kind of thoroughbred horse racing entails racing for a handbag that is increased then the purse involved in maiden races and owners use such a race to train their horses.

c) Grand stakes racing, any such thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular kind with horse racing followers since it is going to contain a lot of money. Horse racing fans like this type of thoroughbred horse racing to allow them to wager cash on their favorite race horse. The “grand stakes” in this race the fame of the horse is on the road and in addition the amount of cash involved. A grand stakes race winner normally becomes a celeb among race horses.

In one of these thoroughbred horse racing, the goals of numerous horse racing followers are also at stake as a result of wagering in such a thoroughbred horse racing can cost loads of money. Some horse racing fans prefer to put their hopes and desires on just one horse and that’s the rationale why thoroughbred horse racing will stay supported by horse racing followers all over the world today.

d) Handicap race, any such thoroughbred horse racing is the evenest of all horse races, theoretically. The reason being that all the horses racing on this occasion have been handicapped in accordance with their past performances in other horse races. More horse racing followers wager at the sort of thoroughbred horse racing and the reason is that all the odds are even. Theoretically, any horse has an opportunity to be a winner in a handicap race.

Although thoroughbred horse racing positive factors reputation due to the money concerned, there are horse racing fans who see it as an incredible test of spirit. There are horses which have the potential to be nice and real winners. Nonetheless, if that horse didn’t have the need to win, then the potential would eternally be useless. Thoroughbred horse racing is not just a recreation, it’s a reflection of life.

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The History of Steeplechase Horse Racing

The sport of Steeplechase racing dates back to 1752 in Ireland
when two, half-crocked, friends settled the argument over who
owned the best horse by racing to the nearest Church steeple
after returning from Fox hunting. The winner actually rode right
through the church where the vicar was holding a solemn funeral.
Soon it spread to England, where in 1792, the first recorded
race was held. This sport then crossed over from the Atlantic to
the US, where it has became very popular.

In the early 19th century nine prominent men from New York –
August Belmont, H. DeCourcy Forbes, Samuel S.Howland, James O.
Green, Frederick Gebhard, A.J. Cassatt, Foxhall P. Keene, John
G. Follansbee and Frederick H. Prince founded the National
Association for Steeplechase. When it was first founded, its
mission was to make the sport popular in the US and help it grow
across the Atlantic. For membership details and other small
tidbits about the Association, you can visit their website at

Steeplechase races are held at 12 states across the country and
the cumulative purses for these events are million annually.
The horse races are a place to see and be seen at. It’s seen
across the country by millions of fans and admirers and is a
major sponsored event where corporate sponsors vie with each
other for sponsorship of the events. It attracts the best talent
for horses, horse owners, and riders and also raises millions of
dollars in charities. Thus it also attracts the most powerful
and the influential men and women. If you have seen Pretty
Woman, you pretty much have got the idea.

Some of the oldest and the most prestigious steeplechase horse
racing events are Montpelier Hunt Races, which was started on
the estates of Former President James Madison since 1929. For
more information you can visit their site Others are The American
Grand National that began in 1899 and the The National Hunt Cup
in Radnor, Pa., which was started in 1909. For more information
on steeplechase racing across the country, you can visit, which lists all the
races, their schedules and the prize monies.

In Virginia, you can visit the Virginia Steeplechase
association at The big races in
Virginia are Virginia Gold Cup, FoxField races at
Charlottesville, Virginia, Fairfax Hunt races at Great Falls,
Middleburg Spring races at Middleburg, Montpelier Hunt Races at
Montpelier Station, Morven park Steeplechase races at Leesburg,
Mountaineer chest track in Chester etc.

You can also visit these websites for further information on
racing in Virginia.

Toby Beavers is best known as one of Virginia’s most interesting
Horse Farm realtor’s. He writes frequently about Virginia horse
farms, racing, Virginia history and Charlottesville area
gardening. Toby resides in Charlottesville with his family on
their 1753 farm, The Shadows.

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