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Snakes take over Chicago; we highlight the NARBC Tinley show in this weeks episode. So many incredible snakes, lizards, and other animals at this years show. We also showcase the annual Sumo contest! Who will be the winner? Please comment, like, and share! SnakeBytesTV is produced by BHB Reptiles, one of the world’s largest snake breeding facilities, and is hosted by Brian Barczyk. New episodes every Wednesday! Follow me at: www.twitter.com Facebook me at: www.facebook.com Join the shows community and win prizes! www.snakebytestv.ning.com
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ENGLISH: A driver received the fright of his life when a horse literally ran over his car on a highway in Northern Israel. The incident was captured on tape by tourists who had been filming a group of three horses that were galloping alongside their car when all of a sudden one of the horses decided to take an oncoming vehicle head-on trampling the windshield with its hooves before leaping over it and continuing on its way. According to media reports from Israel, luckily the driver managed to escape the incident with minor cuts from the broken glass. Watch the video after the jump. GERMAN: Pferd vs. Auto Eine Amateuraufnahme zeigt, was sich letzte Woche in Israel zugetragen hat: Touristen geniessen den sagenumwobenen und pastoralen Blick auf das nördliche Galiläa. Doch dann ereignet sich etwas Unvorhergesehenes … Die israelische Region hat noch mehr zu bieten, als die Hobbyfilmer für diese Woche erwartet haben: Drei wilde Pferde galoppieren über die Fahrbahn. Das letzte von ihnen scheint zu langsam zu sein, es wird wahrscheinlich vom entgegenkommenden Auto angefahren werden. Pferd 1 – Auto 0 Auf dem auf Channel 2 in Israel ausgestrahlten Amateurvideo sieht man, wie das Pferd im Augenblick höchster Gefahr elegant über das Fahrzeug springt. Bilanz des Crashs: Eine zerstörte Windschutzscheibe, ein mit leichten Schnittwunden übersäter Fahrer und ein kaum nennenswert verletztes Pferd.
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Search And Rescue Over Miyagi

Courtesy: MC2(SW) Bryan Reckard US Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 14 performing a Search and Rescue mission over Miyagi, Japan after the earthquake.
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Supreme Anime Launches eCommerce Website for the ANIME and MANGA Fans Around the World – Providing over 10,000 DVDS, Graphic Novels, Books, Merchandise, Bundles, Specials, Classics, Starter Kits, and Clearance at the Webs Best Prices!

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) November 22, 2004

www.SupremeAnime.com launches a web site dedicated entirely to satisfying the need for ANIME and MANGA lovers today. The SupremeAnime.com site is one of the world’s largest suppliers of ANIME and MANGA merchandise offering over 10,000 DVD’S, graphic novels, manga, books and ANIME and MANGA merchandise like posters, wall scrolls, key chains and stuffed animals & characters. From Domestic to Imports with selections ranging from Dragon Ball, Hellsing, Inu Yasha to Evangelion, .hack, and Berserk.

“We created this site because, being ANIME and MANGA lovers, we found it difficult to find a site that truly catered to our needs as fans,” said founder and proprietor Frans Alkemade. “Not only is our philosophy about bringing great and affordable ANIME and MANGA to the masses but to also offer Hentai (pornographic) free products, so kids, parents, grandparents and you do not have to experience the unquestionable content that has become so prevalent in almost every other ANIME and MANGA web site today.”

We wanted to allow other ANIME and MANGA web sites to make money in this booming industry by utilizing our Supreme ‘We Pay You’ Affiliates program. “It’s a unique opportunity for website owners to make extra cash or offer a discount to their users by partnering with us. You can have access to over 10,000 products and make up to 10% of the sale, all you need are a few links that we will supply you. These links will refer your visitors to our store and when they purchase something you earn a percentage of that sale”, says our Vice President of Sales, Jeff Preston.

The parent company, Supreme Anime Productions, Inc. is launching its first endeavor into the Anime/Comic Motion Pictures industry. It will merge the talents of an up and coming artists with an exclusive production firm. The first of many Supreme Anime Productions e-comics to come will meld Flash, 3D imaging and high definition stereo to create a multi media e-comic book. “The Lost Line”, their first Comic feature film, will provide anime/comic lovers a dramatic escape into a darkly fantastic world where the DNA of man with angel and man with demon are fused. Where the fight of Good vs. Evil started from the beginning of time and continues today. The Lost Line feature film is slated to launch in the Winter of 2004. You can view our teaser and trailer by visiting www.TheLostLine.com. Contact us and tell us what you think.

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