Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour – Episode 39: Tunnel Rat

In Episode 39 of Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour, we dig a lot! Time to conquer the outside world guys;-) Important Info: Updated download links for Docm77´s Special Edition “Faithful 32×32” Texture Pack can be found in my channel description. Make sure to use the newest version of mcpatcher if you want to play with hd textures. Special Texture Pack Shoutouts: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Important Links: Ethoslab´s Cave Extravaganza: www.youtube.com Updated Texture Pack: www.mediafire.com Outro: www.youtube.com Song title: Docm´s Theme

Minecraft Mods – ENDER DRAGON JOUSTING Battle ! PVP Dragons in Royal SMP Fight !

Ye LIKE and ye FAVOURITE for yon Dragonnes, chaps and chapettes! GameChap and Bertie present a new Minecraft sport – Ender Dragon Jousting – and partake of a right royal battle! Great balls of fire!

Extreme Minecraft Makeover – ╰☆╮Extreme Minecraft Makeover Season 2 Ep. 15 – Q&A Monday!

**************** CLICK THIS FOR MORE INFO! **************** DOWNLOAD Season 1 MAP HERE: www.mediafire.com Unzip and place in your minecraft saves folder. :) Download the latest version of Season 2 HERE!: www.mediafire.com TEXTURE PACK: bit.ly ________________________________________ Questions asked this episode: 1 – @Dazura_ : What is your quest? 2 – @HymmnosGuardian : Would you rather have 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances? 3 – @Mommadork : What chore do you absolutely HATE doing? 4 – @Thelonelyanime : Are you wondering why you’re being asked all these questions? 5 – @Shillanna1981 : What is your favorite smell? 6 – @StressW : What do you believe is a persons best quality? 7 – @Mbaker : Best texturepack ever used? 8 – @DrowningDog : Consider Facecam/PO Box? 9 – @EchosofanArtist : On a scale of Echo skill to Pro, where would you rank your Killing floor skill? 10 – @VanceStevenH : Have you ever seen a real panda bear? 11 – @21Wolv : Does the panda suit give you the panda tude? Extreme Minecraft Makeover! I want to get you guys, my DORKS, involved in my channel! Explanation of this new series. Only mod I allow myself to use is Timber mod. Taking comment suggestions for build ideas. (no pixel art or anything of that nature pls!) The user comment that I choose will get a shout out on my next episode as well as their name on a sign near their suggestion. Every 10 episodes I will put the save file for this world up for download! Intro music is from: www.youtube.com They are
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High Rankin & Document One ft. Tigerlight – Rain ► Follow High Rankin: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com ► Follow Document One: www.facebook.com twitter.com ► Follow Tigerlight: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com ► Follow me: www.facebook.com www.facebook.com ► Download right here: adf.ly ► Subscribe & support me if you like my videos.
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Minecraft Xbox 360 News – *NEW* TU7 Trailer + Release Date! (Title Update 7/1.0.1)

I really cannot believe how much hard work and effort 4J Studios must have put into this update! It’s been little over a month since we received 1.8.2 so I’m incredibly pleased at the work rate of 4J! Release Date: December 19th 2012 So, what things are you most looking forward to that will be in TU7? Animal Breeding, Brewing, Nether Fortresses, Enchantment etc. You tell me? Remember To Leave A Like Or Thumbs Up And A Comment If You Enjoyed The Video!:) Subscribe For More Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition News And Videos Follow Me On Twitter: www.twitter.com Like Me On Facebook: www.facebook.com
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Minecraft Xbox 360 1.2.3 Features – Enchantment & XP On #MinecraftXBLA Info And FAQs (Enchanting)

I’m answering a lot of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Enchantment & XP on Minecraft: Xbox 360 / XBLA Edition! In this video I talk about Silk Touch Pickaxes, Fortune Pickaxes and Flame Bow and Arrows! I also kill a lot of Cows, a ton of Chickens and a ton of Squids. Also if you notice at some point during the video there is a Wolf attacking a Sheep! Haha lol =] ALL 1.2.3 Features Videos: ● UPDATE INFO + FULL FEATURES LIST: youtu.be ● ANIMAL BREEDING VIDEO: youtu.be ● ENCHANTMENT & XP VIDEO: youtu.be ● THE END VIDEO: youtu.be ● MUSHROOM BIOMES VIDEO: youtu.be ● SPAWN EGGS VIDEO: youtu.be ● NETHER FORTRESSES VIDEO: youtu.be ● IRON GOLEMS VIDEO: youtu.be ● HARDCORE GAME MODE VIDEO: youtu.be Remember To Leave A Like Or Thumbs Up And A Comment If You Enjoyed The Video!:) Subscribe For More Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition News And Videos Follow Me On Twitter: www.twitter.com Like Me On Facebook: www.facebook.com

Minecraft Series – #003 | L’ultimo sopravvissuto

Bella a tutti benvenuti nella terza puntata di Minecraft Series! Oggi tenteremo di finire le nostre case, anche se in futuro, io non resterò nella casa sotterranea.

Minecraft SP Survival – Episode 3 – OGERS (Minecraft 1.2.5 Modded LP)

Let’s try 20 likes! www.youtube.com Episode 1: www.youtube.com Episode 2: www.youtube.com Episode 3: youtu.be Episode 4: www.youtube.com • FaceBook: www.facebook.com • Twitter: twitter.com • Website: tcupproductions.weebly.com • My Designer: www.YouTube.com • TGN: www.YouTube.com • Donate: tcupproductionsdonation.chipin.com ==================================================================== Texture Pack: www.minecraftdl.com Mods List: All Updated Trains & Zepplin: tiny.cc Weapons mod: tiny.cc Butterfly mod: tiny.cc Tornados etc: tiny.cc TooManyItems: tiny.cc Inventory Tweaks: tiny.cc Commands: tiny.cc Reptiles: tiny.cc Mini Map: tiny.cc Mo Creatures: tiny.cc Elemental Creepers: tiny.cc Timber: tiny.cc TF2 Teleporter tiny.cc AtmosMobs: (Whale, Bats, Crab etc.) www.google.com Animal Bikes: tiny.cc Creeps and Weirdos: tiny.cc Backpack Backpack: tiny.cc Portal: www.minecraftforum.net Herobrine: www.planetminecraft.com GemCraft: www.minecraftforum.net LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS LETS PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MODS
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Minecraft Meets – Mine of WorldCraft: Mists of Minecraftia

The long awaited expansion for Mine of WorldCraft is here! Now with extra panda! Along with this new, noble and extremely furry race will be the ability to auto-steal from anyone in your area, hold epic pet wolf battles and play the new Monk class… which really just means you’ll be punching everything forever. TWEET ME YOUR SKINS: twitter.com (And they might just appear in the future!)

Minecraft: Skyblock – w/ iSeeYouHidingThere | Ep. 1 ” The Generator! “

SKYBLOCK SKYBLOCK SKYBLOCK! lol. I decided not to just upload these on Mondays. I will be uploading this series throughout the week, so i hope you guys enjoy it! (: Be sure to drop a LIKE! Be sure to check out Sams channel: ▬ www.youtube.com ▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Social Stalkage: Twitter! -www.Twitter.com Livestream! – www.Twitch.tv Facebook! – www.facebook.com FB Fan Page! – www.facebook.com Google+ – plus.google.com YEOUSCH! – www.youtube.com YEOUSCH Reloaded! – www.youtube.com

Snakes doing the nasty. We’re full on into the Python breeding season. When breeding snakes there is a lot of thought that goes into it and I want to show you what I think as I am pairing snakes up and what I am looking for during the snake breeding season. Also enter to win with our Kritter Crumbles bedding give away! www.facebook.com SnakeBytesTV is produced by BHB Reptiles, one of the world’s largest snake breeding facilities, and is hosted by Brian Barczyk. New episodes every Wednesday! Follow me at: www.twitter.com Facebook me at: www.facebook.com Join the shows community and win prizes! www.snakebytestv.ning.com

Minecraft Mods – CREEPER SENSOR ! Smart Pressure Plates Mod !

GameChap and Bertie inspect the rather jolly useful Smart Pressure Plates modification! Detect and destroy dastards, I say! TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the Minecraft Mods section at MinecraftForum! The topic name is [1.2.5][SMP] The Mob-plate mod! Only certain mobs can activate them! Bugfixes! [V1.2], by bramlvx1.
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Sport in Kenya this week, including trout on Mount Kenya, mudfish in the Masai Mara and learning how to throw a stick at an antelope. We search for fish high in the Aberdare National Park and we are in the hot savannah learning spear skills with the Maasai. Finally, we’re in Wales shooting big feral billy goats with Team Wild TV.
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