Nintendo Land – Metroid Blast – 3 – Approaching Cyclons

“Welcome to my coverage of Nintendo Land!” “Leave a like and a comment, it really helps me out” “Subscribe for Wii U coverage!!” Here lies the second minigame of the Nintendo Land, Metroid Battle. The main gameplay of this minigame is the ability is control Samus’ airship and rain down fire from the air with the gamepad or deploy yourself to the ground in Samus’ suit with the wiimote plus and the nunchuck. Tags “Nintendo Land” “Nintendoland Gameplay” Nintendo land all minigames” “nintendoland part 1” “The Legend of Zelda Master Quest” “Pikmin Adventure” “Metroid Blast” “Mario Chase” “Luigi’s Ghost Mansion” “Animal Crossing: Sweet Day” “Yoshi’s Fruit Cart” “Octopus Dance” “Donkey Kong’s Crash Course” “Takamaru’s Ninja Castle” “Captain Falcon’s Twister race” “Balloon Trip Breeze” “NintendoLand Attractions”
Video Rating: 5 / 5