Tiger Vs Leopard – Indian leopard encounter with a tiger in the wild

Tiger spots a leopard in the jungle and leopard is found dead the next morning.

Indian Wildlife Tourism

India the land of exotic natural beauty is also famous for its varied wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The unique geographical feature, its exotic flora & fauna and irresistible wildlife safari have attracted tourist from every corner of the world. India is the best place for wildlife lovers as the enchanting topographical feature have resulted in a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries all over the country. Most of the India states are famous for their respective national parks and sanctuaries. Some of the best well known states for Wildlife tourism in India are Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat etc. Over all once you start exploring these exotic wildlife sanctuaries of India you will really find it wonderful, fascinating and amusing.

Wildlife of Rajasthan is famous allover the country. Millions of tourists from all over the world drop to this kingly state to witness the beauty of flora & fauna and renowned wildlife treasure of Rajasthan. The wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan have also become ideal bases for exploring the true beauty of nature for the visitors and there has been a steady increase in the wildlife tourism in this kingly state of India. Ranthambhor National Park, Siriska National Park, Bharatpur National park, Corbett National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park etc are some of the best wildlife that offers truly the adventure of wildlife tour. Visit Sariska wildlife and Ranthambhor parks famous park well known for tiger reserve. Tourists from all over the world come to India to visit this world famous tiger reserve to enjoy the charm of wildlife. The awesome sight of ecological adaptation of these forests offers a wonderful sight of wild entities. Bharatpur wildlife or Keoladeo Ghana Park is the best wildlife park famous for different species of Birds. This exotic national park is also known as ornithologist’s paradise as it offers birdwatchers an unlimited opportunity to catch the sight of colorful and astonishing species of birds. Visiting these national parks visitors will truly enjoy the beauty of India wildlife tour.

Kerala exotic natural beauty and wildlife sanctuaries are visited by tourist from across the world. Being in this place visitors are sure to get allured with the exceptional beauty of the God’s own country. Idukki National Park, Wayanad wildlife reserve, Kumarakon Bird sanctuary, Periyar National Park, Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Peppara wildlife sanctuary are some of the most famous wildlife parks and sanctuaries. These renowned wildlife sanctuaries offer enchanting view of different wildlife and colorful birds in their natural home. Tourist can explore the beauty and adventure of wildlife enjoying the unique houseboat tour of Kerala. These parks offers eye feast view of exotic flora and fauna.

No visitors coming to India will ever forget to miss the chance to visit Sundarban Forest of west Bengal. This delta region of West Bengal is famous for Royal Bengal tigers and these Royal Bengal tigers are the national animal of India. This dense forest offers great opportunity for wildlife lovers to explore the exotic flora and fauna experience the thrill of wildlife tour. Kaziranga of Assam and Gir forest of Madhya Pradesh are also the famous wildlife parks of India. Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary is famous for its one horned rhinoceroses and its exotic flora and fauna. This wildlife sanctuary is also the world heritage and visitors from all over the world come here to view this fully armed animal. Gir wildlife is no exceptional; it is famous for its white tigers and different mammals like elephants, panthers, bears and thousands of colorful birds. All these national parks and sanctuaries are boosting wildlife sanctuaries tourism in India. Once the visitor explores these astonishing parks and sanctuaries they will take unforgettable memories when they return back to their place. All these parks and sanctuaries are the immortal soul of Indian wildlife tourism. The magical and the thrilling moments experienced in India are going to dazzle in front of tourists eye for all their life.

So to enjoy the thrill and adventure in the wildlife sanctuary of India, book your tour package from your travel agent. There are various travel packages such as wildlife tour, holiday package in Jungle, memorable adventure jungle tour etc. Pick anyone of your choice and enjoy the thrill and adventure wandering in the beautiful wildlife and parks of India.

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