Minecraft Mods – ENDER DRAGON JOUSTING Battle ! PVP Dragons in Royal SMP Fight !

Ye LIKE and ye FAVOURITE for yon Dragonnes, chaps and chapettes! GameChap and Bertie present a new Minecraft sport – Ender Dragon Jousting – and partake of a right royal battle! Great balls of fire!

Skyward Sword – Resurrecting Lanayru, The Thunder Dragon – Episode 51

After dropping off our new work horse (mole) for Kina, its time to head down to Lanayru and find out exactly whats going on down there, seeming we have encountered floods and eruptions before, what on earth could happen? As it turns out, Lanayru is as peaceful as it can be, nothing has changed which leads to having to find our dragon target via manual searching, however when he is finally located, there is a further complication…. he’s dead……

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Skyrim – Dragon on Master Unarmed Challenge

Skyrim - Dragon on Master Unarmed Challenge

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