Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Episode 53

“Pie in the Sky”~Originally Aired~February 22, 1990 The Rangers help a lost sparrow return to Capistrano[disambiguation needed] and discover a bad “chicken” …
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Rescue 13 and Rescue 31 Responding.

8/17/12 Levittown Fire Company #2; Rescue 13 and Fairless Hills Fire Dept; Rescue 31 responding on tactical box 13-03 for the report of interior electrical f…

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – – To the Rescue (1) 1/3

1st part of episode 1. There are 3 parts per episode and 5 episodes in total Subscribe and NJoY

HVGN: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

My childhood, part 2. Because I am not a youtube partner, I cannot upload anything longer than 10 minutes(shhh, don’t tell anyone, but the actual limit is 11 minutes). If you want to watch the full untrimmed director’s cut, click on the link below tinyurl.com
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Late in the evening a friend knocked on our door with a new born baby deer in her arms, not more than an hour old. She found the mother dead from a car accident, and the baby must have popped out of the mother during the accident. The tiny baby buck laid in his mother’s blood on the side of the road. Our friend Angelea cleaned off most of the blood, and her and her mother Sakkara wrapped up the baby in a towel to bring it over to us. Without a mother, the fawn had little chance for survival, but we were determined to see her through the night until we could contact a local woman who is licensed to raise orphaned deer. UPDATE: Rescued baby deer are released after maturity where they are found, and this little guy actually came from a nearby herd, not ours, so we haven’t seen the guy again. We are comforted to know, however, that deer are amazing in their ability to survive great hardship. Many thanks to Angelea and Sakkara, and to Vesta for her work in helping local wildlife. See our Deer in the Yard story, photos and videos at: www.pelorian.com Music in this video from Starseed: www.starseedmusic.net from a new as-of-yet-unreleased CD “Ananda”
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