Fieldsports Britain – Seven wild boar in a row

Fieldsports Britain - Seven wild boar in a row

Wild boar hunting – it’s a European obsession! We’re at IWA, the biggest gun trade show outside the USA, to see what’s going to be hitting the gunshops near you this year. There is kit for deerstalking (we go out after Chinese water deer with Zeiss’s new Victory HT scope), for foxshooting (we are out with Team Wild TV’s Ian Harford), for game shooting (the new Browning B725, the Krieghoff Parcours) and lots and lots of new knives (we talk to Sporting Rifle editor Peter Carr). There is also every kind of kit for boar hunting. It’s all on Fieldsports Britain this week. For the best hunting, shooting and fishing, visit For the latest from Team Wild, go to Click to like us on Facebook at Or follow us on Twitter And we will tell you about our weekly programme, up from 7pm UK time on Wednesdays

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