An Amazing Puppy Rescue

Ellen welcomed Zak & Michelle Anderegg to the show to talk about Zak’s amazing rescue of an abandoned puppy. He saved the young pup, Riley, from 350 feet dow…

The Super Amazing Project – ✻ ✼ Cute Pandas playing in the snow! ✻ ✼

Cute pandas playing in the snow, Russian UFO’s, GIGANTO CARROTS and evil Christmas gnomes. This is.. THE SUPER AMAZING PROJECT. Radio show! Christmas day 10pm-12am BBC Radio 1! Remember there’s a new episode every Monday! So subscribe and keep watching!! 😀 our twitters: and remember to send your spooky stories to: spookyhappenings (at) Dan’s YouTube channel: Phil’s YouTube channel: – music kevin macleod –
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Amazing nature – feeding and raising wild baby crane birds – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife

David Attenborough looks at some of the people who are helping to raise cranes so they can be returned to the wild. From the BBC.

CNN’s Rob Marciano takes a look at the effect oil is having on Gulf Coast wildlife.
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Amazing Horse – Weebl’s Stuff [HD] Ger Sub

Amazing Horse – Weebl’s Stuff [HD] mit deutschem untertitel. Den habe ich selbst eingefügt. Amazing Horses and Trainer Yes all of this is very real. He even shows you how to do it step by step in his training videos. I have been studying with Allen for a while and he makes learning how to do this so easy. This is a compilation of some of the pictures and videos I have collected of Allen over the years. I will be uploading more clips from my private collection of videos, as well as full length interviews with some of the top Equestrians. Riz Ilyas

Absolutely Fricking Amazing “Persistence” Hunt!

This is a “Persistence Hunt” of a Male Kudu, by tribesman of the San on the Kalahari Desert of Africa. Thoroughly blew my mind! This…..this is hunting. An almost transcendental means of acquiring animal protein. The final act in and of itself is completely in tune with the Natural World and the ultimate in respect and honor both of and for it. This is how our distant ancestors survived. We have unfortunately lost this connection to Life………. I would like to see Billy Ray Joe Bob Sue Redneck American with his 90lb. beer belly, and without his .30-06 and scope attempt this. Not a chance. The guys filming this on the ground must have had ATV’s. There is no other way they could have kept up. Great work BBC! I know some of you might be vegetarians or vegans, but face it peeps, our dentition is that of an omnivore. Even our closest relative the chimpanzee is an omnivore. I absolutely love animals and don’t want them to suffer either. Subsequently I at least won’t eat veal or buy fur….but this video is part of the Circle of Life. We are at the top of the food chain afterall. And to deny that simple truth is to indeed deny part of that which ultimately makes us human.
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Pourquoi les chiens fuguent ? Est-ce que les animaux ont le sens de l’humour ? Pourquoi les chiens se frottent après avoir pris un bain ? Pourquoi les chiens se frottent après avoir pris un bain ? Est-ce que les chats et les chiens aiment être déguisés ? Antoine et Laetitia répondent à toutes vos questions
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Amazing rescue at Niagra falls

Guy allmost falls over the edge of the falls
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This video of Leopard is UNBELIEVABLE!!! You have to watch it all the way… Please, Enjoy!

Amazing Horse

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music video

Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife

David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds – and chainsaws and camera shutters – in this video clip from The Life of Birds. This clever creature is one of the most impressive and funny in nature, with unbelievable sounds to match the beautiful pictures. From the BBC.

Watch this amazing footage as Steve Leonard gets up close and personal with a giant octopus in the freezing sea waters. Would you be happy to get this close to an Extreme Animal with giant eys and pale blue blood? Find out now as you take a dive into this beautiful aquatic environment.
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