Tiger Woods Masters Practice Round 2012

12 Responses to Tiger Woods Masters Practice Round 2012

  • rm85guy says:

    Mashed potatoes

  • Penny wise says:

    That place looks like heaven on earth

  • MrElculver2424 says:

    You shouldn’t always be hitting the sand first. That will definitely decrease the chances you have of getting spin on the ball. But it’s really not that hard to get spin out of bunkers; just need to make clean, crisp contact.

  • smasp500 says:

    are you serious? spin is easier from the bunkers? if you are hitting the sand first, how are you able to impart spin on the ball easier?

  • carldawgh says:

    “He’s getting spin on his balls from the bunker.. Unbelievable” thats funny since spin becomes easier to put on from bunkers..

  • LordMang4 says:

    Thank you!

  • jeroenmo says:

    Great video, indeed he makes it look easy.

  • f0cusen says:

    I agree that it’s pretty easy to get spin from the bunker if you catch it pretty clean with the bounce but from that distance Tiger was hitting his shots from it’s not so easy to get so much check on a bunkershot, you really need to have the face open and use the bounce really well and have a lot of speed through the shot which Tiger has.

  • rogerhuang says:

    You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. I posted a few more videos from that practice round as well. It was great seeing him, as well as the others, at the Masters. If you get to go, I highly recommend it. Tiger hit his shots a lot better than he did during the actual tournament LOL.

  • f0cusen says:

    Okay, I understand. Did he a lot of spin on his chips? He was using the bounce really well.
    Thank you for uploading the video. You did have the chance to see him practice and watch his practiceround, you sir are a lucky man. How was it to see him on the course? Did he hit it well?

  • rogerhuang says:

    TW makes golf look easy when he’s practicing. He was far enough from the pins where it made it tough to show the results of his chipping consistently. So I just focused on filming his chipping technique.

  • f0cusen says:

    Awesome video, how was it to see him practice and hit shots? It must have been awesome! Would have been better if you showed the result more when he was chiping.