Debate: After Activists Covertly Expose Animal Cruelty, Should They Be Targeted With “ag-gag” Laws? – So-called “ag-gag” bills that criminalize undercover filming on farms and at slaughterhouses to document criminal animal abuse …

Jeremy Wade embarks on a shark fishing expedition for a requiem whaler shark. More Extreme Fishing:…
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32 Responses to Debate: After Activists Covertly Expose Animal Cruelty, Should They Be Targeted With “ag-gag” Laws?

  • coyote4460 says:

    It would not be a satisfying experience to actually see larger animals slaughtered., let alone smaller animals ,
    That is why exposing the way animals are treated and slaughtered are despised by the meat processing plants..

  • StewFairweather says:

    So a family farm can’t be a factory farm Emily?
    Not all animal welfare activists are vegans either. I’m not.
    Buy local. Buy high welfare or organic. Grow your own. Yumah-yumah-yumah!

  • tehreviewer01 says:

    I feel so bad about being human, that I wish I could kill myself :(

  • noncompliant2 says:

    So is this the real message? Go along with the abuse or become a victim of it.

  • sheepblitzer says:

    Let me summarize this debate:
    “meat is bad,” says the skinny vegan.
    “no, meat is good,” says the fat chick.

  • profd65 says:

    Good point. 

  • Jay Lin says:

    I knew it! We have put Neanderthal, sadist in charge of our food supply. What is the point of all the animal beatings, pitch fork face stabs, and karate like head kicks to these animals?

    The American Humane Association just put out a video to hopefully increase buyer confidence. Search you tube for: “Foster Farms and American Humane Association” All I can hope is they are telling the truth with this video, because my consumer confidence in these farms is low.

  • Taylor Brown says:

    hhmm so undercover filming of animal abuse is now considered an act of terrorism by the FBI? the list of what is terrorism is an ever expanding list, isn’t it. i wonder where this is headed.

  • TvPuertoVallarta says:

    family farms my butt… these factory farms are receiving government subsidies… and have enough money to pay off politicians… ag-gag laws are unconstitutional…

  • Eric Justice says:

    Anybody who tries to defend these practices are just sick in the head

  • ThereAreNoUnionThugs says:

    Where the fuck was Emily Meridith and her fancy PR team when Neil young was doing farm Aid if she cares so much about the family farms?
    She’s there paid by industrial farms (which crushed the family farms) and now are acting like its all family farms to exploit that positive image.
    Its sad you can tell she’s just there lying for someone else, and that she’s from some isolated hamlet of cruelty and greed industrialists, and doesn’t really realize how odious her horrible talking points are.

  • ThereAreNoUnionThugs says:

    If these are the “terrorists” then they should shut the fuck up about the threat of terrorism and stop using it to justify stealin’ the good folks rights!

  • truth1234567890 says:

    As a person who loves a medium rare New York strip loin steak and all other animal proteins I have to say that the practices that Emily Meredith says are standard farming practices are absolutely revolting and disgusting. I want humanely raised animals on my plate and I am prepared to pay for it. Besides the food from industrial farms is loaded with with antibiotics, growth hormones and lingering disease.

  • marcdaddy33 says:

    pt. 3

    Those who are willing to consider vegetarianism will do so when they feel ready; those who won’t consider dispensing with meats will NEVER do so no matter how many times they are forced to listen to the RANTINGS and RAVINGS of PETA, animal rights activists, and nut-job vegans…nor will the constant attacks on Monsanto do the trick.
    An appeal to an individual’s HIGHER nature is the best route: give FACTS on health and spiritual benefits and LEAVE the choice to others.

  • marcdaddy33 says:


    PETA actually does FAR MORE HARM to the cause of animal rights and the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle when they go on their silly little campaigns against people who have pets and eat meat… not to mention their JUDGMENTAL attitude towards those who LOVE their steaks, egg and cheese.
    It was BECAUSE of animal activists and the sanctimonious attitudes of vegetarians that I vowed to never become a vegetarian. I became vegetarian, however for spiritual reasons- to prepare myself for Heaven.

  • marcdaddy33 says:

    After 35 years of meat eating, I went vegetarian. After a year of vegetarianism, I went vegan.  5 and a half months vegan and I am in the best shape of my life and feel better than ever before
    That is wonderful that you have done thus. Very commendable. I too became a vegetarian just this year- but SOLELY for health and SPIRITUAL reasons. As unfortunate as it is that animals are beign treated so cruelly, THAT in and of itself is NO reason to stop eating meat.

  • marcdaddy33 says:

    part 3

    This isn’t to say that SOME of the claims made in attack form are not true- it merely demonstrates the fact that so many outrageous claims can be made by the political elite without fear of the American public taking the time to discern what is true and what is false- and holding those who engage in smear compaigns by throwing those bums out of office. BOTH the Demon-crats and Reptile-icans.

    Virtue, honesty, decency and honor has NO PLACE in the American political landscape anymore

  • marcdaddy33 says:

    part 2

    Additionally, it gives the public an EXCUSE to rationalize their ALREADY-formed opinions with so-called “explanations” for why they believe what they believe.
    Example: “I voted for Obama because Romney will all the poor old people to the streets.”
    “I voted for Romney because Obama is not an American and he’s gonna steal our guns.”
    “I voted for Obama because there is a WAR against women. ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION”
    “Go GOP because Dems hate the family. ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION”

  • marcdaddy33 says:

    Of course it does… that is why BOTH political parties continue to engage in ATTACK ADS during political campaigns, despite the fact that Americans are supposedly tired of them; through their obsessive polling and focus groups they recognize something that MOST Americans are unwilling to admit- the attack ads WORK. Negative campaigns work because it absolves the American public from doing that which is NECESSARY for a healthy Republic- the act of THINKING.

  • Atheeizm says:

    It could never be worth it.

  • mellamosean says:

    I hope it’s not.

  • mellamosean says:

    Seriously. I am getting pretty frustrated watching this. If these farms would allow video footage of their operations in the first place, there would be no activists to secretly film and “misrepresent” what is going on. I hate how news interviews function. This woman needs a proper grilling. Families have owned these operations for generations? What could possibly be more irrelevant. They could be there a thousand years, but that doesn’t give them a free pass to mistreat animals.

  • arcas17 says:

    Contrasting “family-owned farms” against “factory farms” as if they were stark opposites and mutually exclusive, which they obviously aren’t, and complaining that they have “no recourse” in defending an “industry standard” that unambiguously violates cruelty laws, all in the service of a clear attempt to expand the criminalization of whistleblowing to one of the largest industries of the economy. What a fucking joke.

  • Dannie030 says:

    Jesus christ! Hard to watch! :(

  • TheShelbyiskool says:

    Andy your the twat obviously. Wade doesn’t use harpoons, only lined rigs you fucktard.

  • andywray2007 says:

    does this twat not know you need barrells and a harpoon gun to catch a shark. fucking amateur.

  • mstter says:

    Holy shit, what the hell do you use as bait? Children? Jeez.

  • JR RAPz says:

    wow thats a big river

  • Amer Alwaked says:

    thank you dude , I will

  • nepalihercules says:

    just search on youtube, all full vidoes are uploaded online. look on the side, there’s one right there

  • Elizabeth Miller says:

    heavier rig, but get a shot gun and blast that thing!

  • M Aeng says:

    this guy is better than robin hood ( robson green ) lmao