Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Video by Scott McKinley

Video by Scott Mckinley Productions, Produced for Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for Ad campaign. Licensed music by Kenny G.. This short video won Best of Cat…

2008-05-20 Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney, Australia,

25 Responses to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Video by Scott McKinley

  • Sherry Nick says:

    So beautiful our awesome wildlife and nature and the Beauty that surrounds them. Its truly Gods Country

  • bunnysnugs1 says:

    Sooo beautiful!!! I would love to visit

  • LauFanCim says:

    <3 beautiful<333333333

  • Barbara Wicker says:

    Totally beautiful!! Awesome! I love Montana ALSO love Kenny G!

  • Sharon ahsconnection says:

    Lovely! So lovely!

  • goldengirl7212 says:

    this is the most beautiful,inspirational video ever…..when i first saw it last year it inspired me to send out a “Happy Note” to my conf. call family once a day…I’ve not found a better video since…thank you very very much…great job

  • sheila ross says:

    Nicely done! From San Diego

  • hbcase2010 says:

    wonderfully done will watch over and over
    music well fitting thanks for giving me a glimpse of what I haven’t had the opportunity to see in person.

  • Mikki Mack says:

    wonderful photography I have been to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Jackson Hole and a beautiful place each time.

  • Sandy Warvi says:

    So beautiful! I cannot find the words to describe the feelings I have watching this video. Wyoming is indeed a special place!

  • Martine LECORNU says:


    Magnifique votre vidéo…. elle apporte du rêve par sa beauté
    la faune et ses animaux divers..merci à vous pour ce beau partage
    et ce moment de détente agréable

    Bonne fin de semaine à vous
    Bien amicalement

  • Gerry Danen says:

    Beautiful and inspirational… Well done!

  • Luke Schaefer says:

    Amazing! Thought it was awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Joel Gorun says:

    What a fantastic and inspiring video….’dreams really do come true!’ The first step is to dream and the next is to support the efforts of some many people to insure that it does happen. Without wild life what would happen to us….we grow and are inspired by those who love nature. Thanks to Theodore Roosevelt for establishing the vast number of our national parks!

  • Robert Pavlick says:

    This IS indeed, a beautiful video and testifies to the beauty and diversity of nature. For those that feel it testifies to God’s Love, the video did not include scenes of these same animals slaughtering one another for food. One wonders why a brilliant deity did not simply create them all as vegetarians.

  • ThePetunia80 says:


  • Firedragon220716 says:

    So beautiful it from nature i thank you god for making such a beautiful life on the animals and the other nature that you gave us.

  • kirch1usa64 says:

    This is #1 on my bucket list!!! Go’n back is always on my mind!!! To me, its like heaven!!! To my wife, its less than fun!!! God bless those who made this beautiful video!!!

  • Madravenspeak says:

    The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation promotes growing elk for killing. They also want natural predators like wolves killed. So all this pretty promotion – not so representative.

  • Judy Allen says:

    I admire NO hunters! To raise a gun and kill these magnificent children of the Universe is alien to me! We cannot make life, why do we think we have a right to TAKE life!

  • lsample69 says:

    Thanks for taking me home!

  • SwagOrio says:

    Absolutely beautiful video.  God bless them all.

  • Robin S says:

    Love watching animals living their lives.

  • nicola grossi says:

    Bellissimo questo filmato ringrazio mio fratello Luigi dalla California.

  • gamer248124 says: