fdny rescue 4

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  • MrMarijuanaKills says:

    Tips on how to be a fireman
    1,Always think you are some kind of super hero
    2,Always dramatize any job you may go on to make it sound more dangerous than it is
    3,Learn all of the firefighting catchphrases like ‘ stay safe brother’ ‘ be safe ” hell yeah’putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff ‘ ‘ never surrender ‘etc etc etc
    4,Learn how to be a drama queen
    5,Always remember, its a brotherhood not a job
    6,Most importantly,learn how to make firefighter tribute videos to upload to You Tube

  • wannabenj says:

    So sad the FDNY has such low paying jobs.These guys have to work another job or two.Why doesn’t the state of New York raise their pay .These guys are working other jobs and when they come in to work they are probably tired.It would be in the best interest of NY to take care of them financially.Also these guys have to pay for their lunches as well.I find that appalling.What’s next charging them money to sleep in the beds? Sorry,but these guys need to be taken care of.NYPD as well.

  • johnsonlane says:

    Thanks TBOWDEN91. Let me know how you make out.

  • tbowden91 says:

    i only have the one copy i will try to make more copies

  • johnsonlane says:

    I was wondering if I could possibly get a copy ???.. Thanks !

  • Andy T says:

    Growing up I loved watching the vintage video my Dad took at jobs when he was off-duty. The 80’s and early 90’s were the best IMO. Thank you for sharing.

  • tbowden91 says:

    It was my dads (FF mark Bowden ) from when he was in rescue 4

  • dillondotcom says:

    I dont know where this came from, but this is some great old footage. Nice find.