Natural World – Danger In Tiger Paradise

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  • bigcomcast says:

    Well their is a difference between a species going extinct and a an animal going extinct in the wild.The tiger will never go extinct in our lifetime as long as their are zoos and government breeding programs.One thing we can not do is raise animals that can survive in the wild.Tigers are trained to survive by their mothers.We can make tigers by breeding them and even cloning but it would be almost impossible to teach them how to survive in their natural habitat.

  • rotacetle says:

    Cloning will be able to replace newly extinct creatures. I still want to save the Tiger from Extinction.

  • takeshikovacs02 says:

    Well some people think that being ignorant and believing in magical bullshit is a “cultural value”. I don’t think so condescendingly of the Chinese people, but a lot do.

  • tvdfan11 says:

    omg when the crocodile twisted the deers leg off omg!! You can’t unsee things

  • tvdfan11 says:

    It’s always the chinese or other asian people that do this and put it down to culture omg it makes me laugh culture fucking tards. I don’t want to tar everyone with the same parts but it’s how it seems to be shaping up these days

  • TwoRefined2 says:

    I knew as soon as the guy gave Broken Tail a name, and constantly referred to the other cub as “his brother” that only Broken Tail would be left by the end of the documentary.

  • shewit08 says:

    and you should feel ashamed with those small eyes yall have. JK dont be ashamed of your culture bitch.

  • scribestudios says:

    To be very honest, traditional Chinese medicine that uses tiger parts makes me terribly ashamed of being Chinese

  • Doelling7 says:

    Just what we needed to hear from another ignorant human who feels entitled to his share of the world. The tigers were there first so maybe when humans get killed, it should teach them not to invade other animal environments.

  • Cletus DelRoy Spuckler says:

    Wonderful video, it’s such a shame it’s not 1080.

  • Declan204 says:

    They are copying big cat week tiger named machily

  • bongolicious77 says:

    Agreed! The Chinks are putting many of our amazing species at risk for the sake of libido and weird myths… Go get Viagra like everyone else!

  • Rhyes2012 says:

    I think it is time…..all traditional medicines in the world..including chinese changed their ingredients from animal body parts(we have killed enough) to human body parts instead!!
    there are plenty and many cause more ham than good!!
    let us start with the terrorist group first!!
    and your time starts NOW!!

  • Stacii Vang says:

    stop killing tigers

  • kdgang1 . says:

    really? gonna ridicule other race because they don’t have same belief as yours? maybe just watch the video and leave, and don’t write anything stupid.

  • WasGoodBruH says:

    Yeah, because plants have a fucking spinal cord and a fucking a shit i forgot the name of that thing system that makes us feel things.

  • sonofthedestroyer says:

    Well then, ill call you a savage for murdering plants. They too have feelings

  • WasGoodBruH says:

    Well guess what, i’m a vegetarian myself so your point is invalid.

  • sonofthedestroyer says:

    ‘I know this tiger, his name is nick’
    LOL, what a name for a tiger living in the wilds of India

  • sonofthedestroyer says:

    Im a vegetarian. How will you feel if i called you a savage for eating pork and beef?

  • MrPillchard says:

    Do you think that “we” kill our farm animal’s humanly? I’m not saying that your incorrect, but we don’t hug the animals before we “humanely kill them, most of the time they are in small concrete floored holding pens awaiting their death, some times for days! If you think that’s not inhumane then their must be something wrong with you.

  • tvdfan11 says:

    It’s unecessary! The way in which they kill them is torture!! Tiger Rhino and Elephant parts magic my arse!! killing animals like that is barbaric. disgusting people they are. The people that do it that is

  • Supada Saengarunrak says:

    Everyone UHF u are animal lovers u should post ur comments on a china website maybea message can save lives

  • MrPillchard says:

    we eat cows, chickens, pigs, does that men that we are what you call Chinese people? Although for westerners it is a very daunting thought that people eat dogs and cats as for us dogs and cats are our pets which is fair enough, but that is no excuse to call those people Cucks as it is there culture, as our culture involves chickens, cows and pigs to be consumed.

  • morgan coker says:

    love the vid