U.S. Navy Air Rescue

Learn how men and women in the United States Navy are deployed for air rescue missions.
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Makeup artist James Lacey talks about shoving a prosthetic boy into a trash chute to create a daring rescue scene. Subscribe Now for more Chicago Fire: http:…

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  • Sangeet Vajracharya says:

    Thanks a bunch for the movie. Youtube is good for this type of thing.

    My nephew was formerly bullied. He stated he was intending to grow muscle and strength. I didn’t believe him. Until unexpectedly he gained 40lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He does not get bullied any longer. :-)

    I subscribed last week. See what happens. Not to mention the guys emails are cool…

  • Jonny Anderson says:


  • kk woolz says:

    navyation did they say?

  • husband334 says:

    Go slap your mother for having you!

  • Milton Robles says:

    I’m in great shape the only problem is there’s no place to practice swimming , i would really love to be a Navy rescue swimmers , “so others may live”

  • Justin Kent says:

    AIRR is nsw not nso, there is a difference. im going to florida for this training in less then 3 months.

  • Brandon Kilbride says:

    AIRR IS considered a Special Operations job, It’s 1 of 5 Spec. Ops. jobs in the Navy.

  • Sadie Thompson says:

    I’m so glad they interviewed a female. I am a young women and it does intimidate me going into the military striving to be a AIRR in a branch that is predominantly male oriented. This gives me a little more encouragement

  • Lalaluvinfrankie says:

    Would you upload a video of the Navy Aircrew, please?

  • 721bri says:

    type -o i meant over 15 years

  • 721bri says:

    lol…i havent been on in a while but just laughed when i read that you believe that AIRR is part of Special operations because a Navy RECRUITING web site says it is. i know its not because i have been doing this job for over 5 years. good luck!


    bitch fuck you shit

  • Janro de Lange says:



    do you have to fight in the airr like gun fights

  • Jason Reinhardt says:

    Well you can’t rethink a contract you’ve already signed. And AIRR is part of Special operations. It’s right underneath S.O. on the Special Operations job page on the Navy website.

  • 721bri says:

    i would rethink it and look at the Coast Guard rescue swimmer program if i were you. navy AIRR is not part of special operations and is actually a collateral duty.

  • Jason Reinhardt says:

    I just got my AIRR Contract 20120427 ! So ready for this.

  • Saba Buadze says:

    What The song Name ? :/

  • jl929 says:

    It is the best quote in the world ” I make living by saving people’s life”!! They are the greatest!

  • nonamemonster12 says:

    @Iceman5164 you get washed out of the training but you can keep doigg. i know a friend that took three trys just to pass hell week.

  • nonamemonster12 says:

    @Iceman5164 you can always enlist then go to school during…

  • Iceman5164 says:

    Thanks, that’s pretty much why I’m sticking with my Plan to get a SEAL Contract… But I’m still not sure if I should go to College for 4 Years or so first and get a Degree in Police Science and Law (Along with a few classes in Arabic and Russian) or just Enlist right out of High School and go to College after the Military

  • flyin187 says:

    yep they were sent to major airports in iraq and did not do any direct action operations or any CSAR and they werent flying in 60R’s or 60B’s. i have worked at the operations watchfloor for the 5th fleet AOR and read the JSOC doctrine on CSAR and no Navy helo assets are on that list for CSAR. the closest that a navy helo squadron comes is HSC 84 which does Special Operations Support. Navy CSAR mission was, unfortunately, taken away a long time ago.

  • flyin187 says:

    if u come in without a contract to be a SEAL then you wont be going to BUD/s. Special Operations programs, SEAL, SWCC and EOD arent taking any fleet returnees, only first term sailors. if you come in under an AIRR contract you will spend over 3 years before you can even be considered for another assignment. you have boot camp, aircrew school, RSS, AW A school, then your fleet replacement school. then you have to do 24 months minimum at that squadron as a minimum activity tour.

  • Iceman5164 says:

    I’m thinking about being a Rescue Swimmer and maybe transferring to BUD/S… I figured if I really like AIRR I’ll stay but if I don’t, it’ll help me train for BUD/S anyway so I might as well go there first, because if I fail BUD/S, I don’t think you can try again… Correct me if I’m wrong about any of this

  • Tyler Harris says:

    The two butt teeth was funny as hell!

  • Rae Gray says:

    James is awesome!!!

  • JB0071051982 says:

    Just watched this episode this past week, the dummy of the 10 year boy was very convincing. Also the writing from Steve Chickerotis( CFD veturan and techical advisor for the show) was top notch. Nice to see everyone in their dress uniforms as well at the end of the show.

  • KNTRIDER says:

    Sure as hell fooled me.

  • ThePurplepaw says:

    Creepy, yet awesome… Can’t wait to see this episode!