Double Horse 9116 outdoor flight with crash

Shuang Ma 9116 – first outdoor take offs with hovering and a little crash at the end , but nothing was damaged. See my website :…

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  • 1205juergen says:

    No , no , no

  • kaasaanfiets says:

    First learn the basics…
    hovering and nose out

  • PlayWithSparkz says:

    You’re welcome

  • cristian paringit says:

    is this heli good? would you recommend it over other 4ch’s like nine eagles?

  • spdwebdotnet says:

    I have successfully flown with a RCA Small Wonder camera attached to the skids of my 3.5 channel co-axial copter. It was pretty sluggish but it did manage the weight. I just ordered myself a 9116 double horse and am hoping to be able to do the same. Perhaps with a smaller camera. They can be had the size of a button these days.

  • timw1959 says:

    Pointers;always lift off fast.The preasure that is made while close to the ground will make it vear off in any direction.When landing,have forward speed and pull back on the stick and lower throttle.This will give you clean take off and landing.I’m still working on it to!lol

  • dsouthmia07 says:

    <--- Looks at go pro then looks at Heli. No way lol, it may take off for 30 sec and loose power


    is there room in the nose of the canopy to put a go pro camera in one of these?

  • timw1959 says:

    The new 9117,which I own 2 of,is the exact heli but double the size.It’s much easier to control because you can see if it’s pitching one way or the other.Have a look at the short videos I have posted recently.I will post more when I can fly it again.The first one burnt the motor after a couple short flights(to big of battery I guess,2,200 25C).I just got my new one and ordered 2 more!

  • moonknight2187 says:

    I have mine also, love it to death and am practicing every time I get a chance. who put weight in the front and how much??

  • 1205juergen says:

    Das ist mein Lieblingsheli ….

  • 1205juergen says:

    Thank you , I will try hard ….

  • dsouthmia07 says:

    lol nice. You’ll get better

  • 1205juergen says:

    With a 2,4 Ghz – 4 channel remote control …

  • 1205juergen says:

    Der kleine Crash am Ende verursachte keine Schaeden

  • 1205juergen says:

    Übung macht den Meister , es geht immer besser ….