TRAFFIC – Wildlife Trade News

TRAFFIC - Wildlife Trade News

New documentary sheds light on poaching crisis in Belum-Temengor.

BBC Natural World - Iron Curtain, Ribbon of Life [HD]

When communism crumbled in 1989, it created an opportunity for wildlife. The Iron Curtain that divided communist Eastern Europe from the capitalist West had …

25 Responses to TRAFFIC – Wildlife Trade News

  • esa841 says:

    haha…what a false theory of malaysia haha

  • eggheadnin says:


  • eggheadnin says:


  • divantha2 says:

    Not human beings, but their unsustainable way of life.

  • datong chen says:


  • suicune690 says:

    Well, it’s just showing what’s actually going on…none of this stuff seems biased to me.

  • Aramintava says:

    I never knew about this project. What a wonderful idea!

  • BlazinFire365 says:

    I wonder how much is the cat paying for his meal

  • mahad diriye says:

    kkkk waaikanaa

  • Ed Westphal says:

    may ..god…and the devil be with you!great video!!!!!

  • Rhydian Davies says:

    But it’s also it’s closest ally.

  • howbe259 says:

    Great doco well done.

  • fugehdehyou says:

    Why do people waffle on about humans this humans that….you fail to see yourself as part of the system…its just how nature works the dominant reap the benefits. On a side note however conservation is important to maintain the equilibrium of life, we wont realize the repercussions of our actions and loss of natural ecosystems until its too late thus we should act now before its too late and the clock becomes irreversible.

  • fernando wickrama says:

    This great Grean Belt is like a silver ray in black clouds.Rest of the world can find the most beautiful Europe at their.All humans in this world must protect this treasure to the eternity. Thanks BBC I watched one of the greatest Nature program in the world.All good Humans who made this Grean Belt are beautiful like Dafodil flowers.We all love you.

  • fernando wickrama says:

    You are right. Not only to the wild life but also to the all world.

  • SunSp0t says:

    Yay, another documentary about how humans are a**holes.

  • divantha2 says:

    Thanks for uploading!!

  • divantha2 says:

    True. may be we’ll have to change our unsustainable lifestyle…

  • jackdtroughton says:

    You didn’t do it *because* I did so as well; that reason was invented when I addressed an actually insignificant semantic thing. Our behaviour is bad news for the planet.

  • rafelingd says:

    I was painting with a broad stroke because you did so as well. I agree that individual humans can make a difference, but as a species we’re bad news for most other species.

  • jackdtroughton says:

    The qualification for “counting” is whether or not the Earth’s ecosystems continue to degrade as a result of human activity and its repercussions or not. So the only thing that possibly CAN count is human action. And you’re painting a broad stroke here; it’s not us saving Earth from us, it’s the responsible ones protecting it from the adult-children.

  • rafelingd says:

    protecting something from ourselves doesn’t count.

  • jackdtroughton says:

    26:56 “…So, 10 years I work with great bastards, and I spend more than 200 hours a year on great bastard work…”

  • jackdtroughton says:

    More importantly that we have the ability to be its biggest boon as well, if we partner with it instead of dominating it.

  • Dominick Jackson says:

    we are the biggest threat to our own exsistence