Q1 Buck Pole: DNR Wildlife Disease Lab and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

Part of a series of segments about the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on the Q1 Buck Pole TV show. In this installment, host Tim Hart talks to DNR …
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http://amzn.to/sJk3ir A review of my Wetterling Widelife Axe. Great smaller hand axe for someone looking for a high quality piece of equipment to add to ther…
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25 Responses to Q1 Buck Pole: DNR Wildlife Disease Lab and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

  • KattFisken says:

    Watches? You’re thinking of Switzerland…

  • T2003Cubs says:

    Adam, I bought my Wetterlings Wildlife Axe on Amazon and it didn’t come with the lanyard hole or the metal wedge on the top. Has anyone else run across this?

  • Equip2Endure says:

    Sounds good. Let us know how you like it. Thanks for watching

  • PaulThePolymath says:

    Just grabbed one!

  • MahiMahi308 says:

    So you one day just decided to buy an axe and found one from Sweden and thought – gee Sweden makes good watches so their axes must be good too.

  • nathan neville says:

    wetterlings and grensfords brooks are really good

  • CamperzHappy says:

    typical >_>

  • Equip2Endure says:

    Just so we are perfectly clear – NO, I am not getting paid by Wetterlings to promote their product. I conduct reviews to the best of my ability and give my honest outcome. I welcome you to do you own video review and share it here on the E2E site with all our viewers. Take care

  • MahiMahi308 says:

    American made Estwing axes are far more superior. You must be getting paid.

  • Helikaon9 says:

    I gave this video a thumbs up because from E2E I know I have a trustworthy, knowledgeable review, and this is a product I am looking into buying. Thanks.

  • 69penetrator69 says:

    what often happens with production blades is that the edge gets overheated and soft during sharpening. I would just keep using and sharpening it, eventually you’ll come through to good steel.

  • lmglange says:

    is some kind of carbon tool steel. I do not think no body really nows… The steel GB’s uses has been compared to L6 carbon tool steel…
    Wetterlings steel are harder than GB.s. Wetterling therefore keep and edge alot better. Even Fiskars axes keep a better edge retention than Gb’s. Wetterlings list their hardness at 59-60 HRC…. GB’s at 57 HRC although I personally more feel like its 55-56… I have several Wetterlings, GB’s, Fiskars…

  • Redshift21 says:

    It’s worth paying the extra for a good axe, what you are really buying is the axehead, a good axehead will still be around long after you are pushing up the daisies, handles come and go with hard use but a good axehead is a lifetime purchase so when you look at it that way the money isn’t that bad at all, care for it and your grandchildren will be using it too.

  • nick chuprin says:

    what steel is it and dose anyone no what the rockwell on the grandfors bruks

  • vinny3678 says:

    how is the axe doing at the time, still doing a good job ? im thinking of buying one so.
    nice chanal you have, like your videos (Y)

  • miamimasseur says:

    It puzzles me to see how defensive some get about a brand they like. It’s as if they own stock in that company. I guess I should have shot a video of my experience with my little axe and posted. I certainly wasn’t trying to offend any brand name lovers out there. If Wetterlings is pretty good for the money then the chinese made $30 gerber is outstanding for the money. Have a nice Xmas everyone!

  • nitroflesh says:

    @Jacob9282My fault. I know that now.

  • Jacob9282 says:

    Yes they are. Do your research. Thanks.

  • McKenzie Chad says:

    Can you replace the handle on your Chinese Gerber? Well, ask Wetterling for a replacement. Do bitch about it to me.

  • McKenzie Chad says:

    Yes, I have used their chainsaws. I’m sure their axes are good too. I found them to cost about as much, more or less, than Wetterlings.

  • Hutzjohn says:

    60 to 90 dollars is nothing. People are buying Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with CPM-S90V steel on ebay for around 400 dollars. The thing I really like about the Wetterlings is they are made out of an alloy that contains iron, carbon, silicon, manganese and vanadium. It’s the vanadium that keeps a sharp edge. The 400 dollar knives on ebay has 9% vanadium. I was dumb enough to buy a “Timberline Alaska bush pilots survival hatchet” It is made from cheap 440 stainless it will get sharp but won’t stay.

  • TodaysBushcraft says:

    Never appologize for giving your loving dependable animal the attention they deserve. I love your reviews, keep up the good work.

  • Dick Fageroni says:

    maybe that hickory had rocks or sand in it. especially in windy areas, sand can be blown on the trees and it grows in. kills tools. I would just sharpen it, use it and see what happens.

  • CE750 says:

    Wetterlings are great, not quite as good as G Bruks but nevertheless a great instrument.

  • Equip2Endure says:

    @PitaD123ABC, Wetterlings makes the axes for Husqvarna I believe.
    – Adam