The Axe is back Project – My Entry with my GB Wildlife hatchet

This is my Entry to the axe is back project from Skogkniv! My Axe is a Gränsfors Bruks Wildlife hatchet, which I used a lot over the last years. Not only for…
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25 Responses to The Axe is back Project – My Entry with my GB Wildlife hatchet

  • suilekelly says:

    you shouldn’t use a axe to drive the tent things.
    that pole on the back side is only a counter weight to make the
    thing well balanced. use the axe to cut a peice od wood to drive them in.
    if there is wood around you.

  • FlorinU says:

    Carbon steel has no impact on throwing sparks. It’s not the axe the sparks are coming from, it’s the ferrocium rod. A ferrocium rod will throw sparks no matter the steel being used, as long as the striker has a good sharp 90 degree edge.

  • Macovic says:

    Good advice

  • survivalmike says:

    You can see it in my Video on how I modify my Fällkniven A2 handle :-)
    take care
    ATB Mike

  • banjoplayinbullfrog says:

    hey man do you remember even happen to remember what the name of the channel was that the wrapped handle is on?

  • survivalmike says:

    Not yet bro.
    This thing is build like a tank!

  • swapnesh4u says:

    Great video. Has the wooden handle ever come loose on the hatchet.

  • cammo123100 says:

    it is not an axe it is a hatchet but good vid

  • shippen2010 says:

    Great vid thx…. say hi to Sepp.

  • shippen2010 says:

    great axe

  • survivalmike says:

    You can see the handle wrap also in one of my videos called “Modified Fällkniven A2 – Paracordgriff wickeln”. Have fun with it.

  • PojkenMedKepsen says:

    Please link the video who showes how to wrap the handle like that! :)

  • nathanshepherd1 says:

    I’ve got the same axe, made by the same axe smith. Some good advice and tips here. Well done. I’ve got some videos of my axe up too. Worth a look.

  • Waldhandwerk says:

    Hallo Mike, mein Freund, sorry, dieses fesche Video ist irgendwie an mir vorbeigegangen…, ganz Toll gemacht! Alles Gute, Sepp

  • survivalmike says:

    you´ve got a PM mate…..
    ATB Mike

  • hanslollick93 says:

    Hey Mike…what did you say the name was of the channel you saw the paracord wrap of the handle? Thanks

  • Bushwhittler says:

    Thats some accurate battoning ! :)

  • wawhiker says:

    I like your hatchet a lot Mike ; ) Very good uses you’ve shared with us!

  • CdnLifeguard71 says:

    Nice mike. I haven’t seen anyone baton with an axe and when I have tried it just didn’t work very well. I think I need a better edge.

  • steintanz says:


  • StyrianPower says:

    Ich kenne da noch jemanden der so ein hässliches Ding besitzt .
    Errätst du nieeeee wer das sein könnte . :-)

  • StyrianPower says:

    Super Video…Die Axt macht ja wirklich was her..Ordentlich scharf das Ding..Und die Sache mit dem Paracord finde ich auch sehr hilfreich .

    Grüße Gü

  • benbushcraft says:

    Ich mag Beile. Dein ist echt Klasse. LG, Benedikt

  • survivalmike says:

    Hi Rob!
    *uuups* You´re right my friend! I mixed you up *loool*
    I will correct this in my description now!

  • TheMultiPyromane says:

    sehr schönes Video wieder 😀
    Alles Gute TheMultiPyromane