Bondi Rescue Season 6 Episode 5

Please follow the link to make a donation to assist Leandro’s rehabilitation. Such a sad story… Please su…
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21 Responses to Bondi Rescue Season 6 Episode 5

  • Roo Cowley says:

    Holy shit, my names Reuben :O First time I’ve seen someone else with the same name as me! Apart from Rubens Barrichello but its spelt different so it doesn’t count :L

  • Sarah liz says:

    no one as beautiful as him deserves to go through something like that. they say things happen for a reason, i just hope something good has come to him in return…

  • Oncloudnine777 says:

    Autism is very serious but when a child knows they have autism they can play on it. I can honestly admit I would not be able to cope with that if I had a child with autism I would still love him/her but I would not be able to cope with outbursts like that so yeah that’s me being very honest there.

  • xxfringiexx says:

    I didn’t mean the little autistic girl….just realised how bad that sounded!

  • xxfringiexx says:

    God I’d slap her…I’m sorry but I would slap her

  • xxmandyDxx says:

    Lol 7:06 “it will itch … Then you’ll die” x

  • Hismatejake says:

    tits out at 7:17
    you’re welcome

  • WindowJumpin says:

    ”Just try and-”

    lol XD

  • Hamed Khatiz says:

    It’ll just itch… and then you’ll die XD.

  • mery42750 says:

    @16:44 then she gets stung againhahahhahahaha

  • mery42750 says:

    Omg jasmine is having a fucking fit

  • Chubby Bunny says:

    Such a beautiful man with such a beautiful body, it is one of the saddest things to see a dancer become a quadriplegic. This episode breaks my heart.

  • JebbaRocks says:

    so sad that Leo i think that’s his name is a dancer and now a quadrapledic ;[ xx Hope!

  • Hamed Khatiz says:

    Lifeguards must feel like paramedics so much, eh?

  • iamthechickenwing says:

    he cant move below his legs

  • yoyomilly says:


  • Cozmo749 says:

    6:54 DAT ASS!

  • Patrick Scarry says:

    anyone see those tits @7:17

  • Biess133 says:

    God Bless that guy hope he will be okay 

  • Shauna Decourcy says:

    Yeah… you can, wouldnt they like blur it or something

  • Aussietari says:

    God Bless you Jasmine Sweet♥. You were Very Brave. I have 2 Beautiful Children in my Extended Family with Autisim. It is NOT EASY for Autistic Children or their WONDERFUL Parents & Family. :-[
    I just Wish people in General weren’t so Quick to Judge Autistic Children’s Reactions & Behaviours. CREDIT TO THE BONDI BOYS FOR THEIR SINCERE APOLOGIES. O:-)