Shed Science: Six stories behind animal names

Shed Science: Six stories behind animal names

What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually! I tell the stories behind six of the most interesting animal species names from the misconceptions around apes and mo…

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24 Responses to Shed Science: Six stories behind animal names

  • ConradW says:

    apparently, in Australia, “ranga” is another name for The Soulless Ones

  • ConradW says:

    is that where we get “venereal” from?

    on the topic of monkeys, there seems to be a lot of disagreement about thi watch?v=4A-dMqEbSk8, other people have linked to it, but I would love to hear your response.

  • neddyladdy says:

    Two points here.
    1. Barbary Monkeys just sounds wrong.
    2. We need both frog and toad, otherwise we would have nowhere to go Fridee arvo.


  • adiveintothesea says:

    Sorry for the late reply but…. Gender scripting (to me) is basically the way characters are portrayed in literature, depending on their gender. George Orwell’s “1984” gives us a bold woman, and a slightly (in comparison) fragile and indecisive male protagonist. I call that switched gender scripts, where Orwell isn’t given his reader typical male breadwinners and female housewife characters.

    First educational comment I’ve made on here… nerves..

  • PirangaOlivacea says:

    Do you know the origin of my name?
    …and I voted for your evolution video. Great job!

  • AlbertaGeek says:

    I hear that there’s a librarian somewhere who will also get quite angry if someone uses “monkey” to refer to apes.

    Red-haired guy. Likes bananas.

  • Sally Le Page says:

    From the Anglo-Saxon ‘cyta’ meaning hawk (Google “bird kite etymology” and it’s the first one – YouTube not allowing links is v frustrating!) Good question though :)

  • godofimagination says:

    How did the kite bird get its name?

  • semiLivedj says:

    How funny,I was going to ask if you were using a green screen.

  • AllRightRotten says:

    Aron Ra makes a case for us still being monkeys.

  • CuriousMoth says:

    I call it a primeape, just so nobody accidentally takes me seriously :3

  • Kayla Anderson says:

    I really love your videos. They’re extremely informative while at the same time being interesting and entertaining. I’m really looking forward to your next video!

  • Iain Shanks says:

    wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/Turtle#Turtle.2C_tortoise.2C_or_terrapin :)

  • DevinAK49 says:

    I have been looking for a channel like this. Thanks to powerm1985 for sending me your way!

  • Tomislav R says:

    The monkey, but I see you are already on your way towards addressing the issue. Looking forward to the read.

  • Pastulio1215 says:

    I’ve always been unsure on what makes a turtle a turtle and what makes a tortoise a tortoise. Aren’t many species of tortoises commonly mislabeled as turtles?

  • corbyny says:

    I honestly can’t think of anything I’d like to watch more. It would presumably be done in the style of QI and broadcast on BBC Two.

  • LetalisLatrodectus says:

    Looking forward to it :)

  • SarthorS says:

    Looking forward to them. Btw have you seen the recent competition on YouTube of a $10k prize for sciencey videos ? Search for ‘thunderf00t’ and ‘10,000’ if you haven’t. Not sure of the details but you may want to have a look. Could get you more traffic if nothing else.

  • Dakayrus says:

    Realised the mistake as soon as i posted but didn’t think anyone would actually read it let alone respond. Consider me officially rebuked.

  • Sally Le Page says:

    To those of you commenting about my use of the words ape and monkey, I haven’t forgotten you – I’m currently writing a blog post to clarify everything which I certainly can’t do in 500 characters!
    I would like to say though well done for having a decent debate – we may disagree but it’s so nice that people are responding to other peoples arguments rather than calling the person themselves stupid. Keep it up :)

  • Sally Le Page says:

    Because I haven’t watched Spongebob!

  • Sally Le Page says:

    If you are going to make (crude) jokes in Latin, at least get it right. I came is ‘veni’ from venire. Now write it out a hundred times before sunrise (/watch?v=IIAdHEwiAy8) 😛

  • Sally Le Page says: