The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

Why first past the post is a terrible voting system. **CGPGrey T-Shirts for sale!**: Grey’s blog: Watch the …

25 Responses to The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

  • LockNLoadTV says:

    One does not simply watch just one CGPGrey video

  • nothGhost says:

    In real life, the King and Queen would create a Prime Minister position, who the people would then elect.

    Yeah, yeah it’s just an example using animals, I’m just sayin’…

  • macarion says:

    That does not contradict what was said in the video whatsoever.

  • JuSiCaR91 says:


  • kukoruzjezakon says:

    you arent really smart, are you.

  • devonjamesj says:

    This is miss leading. In Canada the current break down of representatives in the House of Commons is 165 Conservative, 100 NDP, 35 Liberal, 5 Bloc, 1 Green and 2 Independents. A Conservative Majority. Except last election Conservatives had 143, Liberal 77, NDP 37, Bloc 49, Independent 2. The NDP rising to prominence with the fall of the Bloc and Liberals whilst the conservatives taking a Majority. Math forgets about the unpredictability of human nature. 1993 results? Liberal 177.

  • Anthony Khodanian says:

    You realize he was joking, right?

  • macarion says:

    Did you not watch the video? Netherlands doesn’t use FPTP

  • Tom Limpers says:

    Why are there always just two main parties?? In The Netherlands we have 20 parties and there are always more than two main parties…

  • mattbenz99 says:

    that is not true it is similar yes but it has key differences that make it worse. see the electoral college videos.

  • CRAXFROG says:

    I guess he meant that in America there is essentially only two parties, While in the UK there are three powerful parties. May be wrong though.

  • poop head says:

    majority vote does not = president

  • MagisterRosatus says:


    Otherwise, great video.

  • Ruisleipae01 says:

    I Think i finay understand democracy!

  • AlphaQup0707 says:

    gorillas are apes not monkeys..

  • NerdRoomProductions says:

    Once again, I iterate if you look at the history of the British political system, there is no evidence that it is inevitable that the British political system will devolve into a two party state. As parties rise and fall. No need to be hostile. Even Duverger, who’s law we are talking about stated that this theory isn’t certain. So for the video to state it in such absolute terms is false. Simply stating “It’ll happen eventually” isn’t good enough, given enough time anything could happen.

  • mrdominodee says:

    There are always 2 parties so you vote one because you like the other even worst

  • macarion says:

    I didn’t ignore anything. You said “no need to provide the counter points to the arguments for FPTP I’ve iterated.” And no, you apparently don’t know what the word “inevitable” means. That means it’s going to happen. Not that it has already happened.

  • Donia Azizi says:

    Very good video very clear thank you!

  • NerdRoomProductions says:

    Yes, it was a Liberal government that was in power during WW1. And was prominent for decades before that. They were eclipsed by Labour, who were the third party but quickly over took the Liberals to become the second Party. According to CCP grey, in his over simplified demonstration this would never have happened. The reason UKIP and BNP aren’t in government is because they don’t garner any where near enough votes nationally to win a majority. I dislike the lib dems, but they are a third party.

  • Conor Landers says:

    (added to my previous comment) have you ever heard of a lib Dem government or a ukip government or a bnp government. yes there has been a green party mp but this is an exception.

  • Conor Landers says:

    a third party that is essentially a sub division of the conservative party.

  • NerdRoomProductions says:

    Nice way to ignore everything else said though.

  • NerdRoomProductions says:

    Yes. And if you look at the history of the British political system, his use of inevitable is simply not true.

  • macarion says:

    Do you know what “inevitable” means?