Certified Wildlife Habitats – Certifying Your Yard (#7)

http://www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife – 7th of 7 – Once you’ve provided the 4 components of habitat and adopted sustainable gardening practices you can certif…

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Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Explore this remarkable national park where many of Australia’s most unique animals, including the Tasmanian devil, roam free allowing spectacular wildlife viewing and unique encounters around every turn. Take a breathtaking helicopter tour over beautiful Cradle Mountain and catch nocturnal wildlife in action at night on a unique spotlight tour.

Leopards of Sawai Madipur

Rajastan India lies in an ancient, deserted castle. This is the story of a family of leopards who now occupy this castle.

Nature Tracks – Of Lost Cities & Forests Found

Nature Tracks - Of Lost Cities & Forests Found

As man destroys, so he replenishes � usually with an imperfect variation on nature�s original theme. Today, tropical rain forests are being summarily mutilated the commercial playthings of big business. Recently, at the Lost City, a commercially inspired project has been the recreation of a tropical enclave in the middle of the Bophuthatswana scrubland. Perhaps this is the first indication of how succeeding generations will experience that which we have always taken for granted.

A Park For All Seasons – Cape Breton Highlands National Park

A Park For All Seasons - Cape Breton Highlands National Park

DVD Available and Download to Own at: www.ParksCanada.LongtailDVD.com A Park For All Seasons will take viewers behind the scenes of Canada’s most spectacular National Parks. Learn the history, explore the diversity and soak in the beauty of some of our planet’s most compelling natural playgrounds. Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Nova Scotia This is the oldest National Park in the Canadian Maritimes. Winding through this prime whale watching territory is the Cabot Trail – showing off the park’s most striking assets. Home to some of the highest densities of moose ever recorded anywhere in the world; it’s virtually impossible to travel here without seeing some kind of wildlife. But, for Cape Breton it is the explosion of populations that remains a threat. Park ecologists scramble to deal with the aftermath of the budworm and moose infestations, while threats of multiplying populations loom underwater. Cape Breton Highlands is the oldest national park in the Maritimes, but in many ways it’s still evolving. ©2009 & 2010 High Fidelity HDTV Media Inc – All Rights Reserved NTSC widescreen 16

Capt. Blair heads down deep into the Florida Everglades to fish for trout, redfish and snook with the late Capt. Leon Davis, RIP. WEBSITE www.addictivefishing.com ___________________________________________________ MORE LINKS Shop our Tackle Shop @ http Stay Connected @ www.addictivefishing.com Join the G+ Mogan Lounge @ plus.google.com

The Burning Season

Dorjee Sun, a 32 year old Australian, travels the globe in pursuit of a carbon trading deal that could protect millions of hectares of pristine rainforest, save the orangutan from extinction — and make him a fortune. The young environmental entrepreneur believes there’s money to be made from saving rainforests in Indonesia and making a real impact on climate change. His plan relies on his ability to convince the wealthy, high polluting corporations of the west that they are the key to the planet’s environmental future. But the scale of the problem is enormous. Rainforest areas equivalent to 300 football fields are cut down and burnt every hour to clear land for crops such as palm oil. As a result of this massive rate of deforestation, Indonesia is now the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. The perpetrators are primarily large-scale corporations seeking a quick profit. But there are also millions of subsistence farmers who use fire as a low cost method of clearing land. One such farmer, Achmadi wrestles with the dilemma of contributing to climate change and needing a viable alternative so he can feed his family and put his daughter through school. The annual burning season in Indonesia has many casualties. In Borneo, wildlife carer Lone Droscher-Nielsen rescues and cares for orangutans injured and orphaned by the fires. She desperately needs a long-term solution to save the species and to return the animals in her care back into the wild. Armed with
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Nature’s Image – Nature’s Beauty

Wildflowers and bugs that have been around our place this summer along with a family of squirrels that built a home in a big cedar tree. Follow us on Google+, Twitter, DailyBooth, and Facebook. ✔ Google+ gplus.to ✔ Twitter: twitter.com ✔ DailyBooth: dailybooth.com ✔ Facebook: www.facebook.com

In the UK guide dog trainer and Animal Doctor Kevin Rowney helps Tyne settle in with his new owner after a three week intensive training course, while in Australia the tiny chuditch is a marsupial given a helping hand by the local zoo, ever wanted a champion show cat, Animal Allies How To has some invaluable hints and in Animal World, a giant elephant herd is causing problems at the Amboseli National Park.

The Penguin Stays in the Picture/Huffin and Puffin

Every year, Private is chosen as the cover animal for the zoo brochure. But this year it might be the adorable Mort, and when he goes missing, Private is torn between his desire to be the zoo cover model and his good heart.
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Addictive Fishing: Short Stories – BULL RED fishing in shallow water

Capt. Blair fishes the Indian River Lagoon in search of big bull reds with Capt. Troy Nash. WEBSITE www.addictivefishing.com ___________________________________________________ MORE LINKS Shop our Tackle Shop @ http Stay Connected @ www.addictivefishing.com Join the G+ Mogan Lounge @ plus.google.com
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Nature Tracks – A Terrible Beauty

For centuries, the skeleton coast has scorned man�s encroachment. Shipwrecks and epitaphs are exhibited as perverse monuments to man�s defeat. Although seemingly inhospitable, the skeleton coast offers life to some – Jackal, Springbok, Cormorants and Seals, to name a few. These creatures have adapted to their desert environment and where people have not encroached, there is plenty for all. However, the seals face a ruthless competitor � man.

Top Story: An Aberdeenshire firm has gone into liquidation putting 100 Scottish jobs on the line. Family owned business RB Farqhuar has bases in the north-east, in Huntly, and in the highlands, with both now facing closure. Elsewhere, a Royal Navy nine-hunter has swept into Dundee to support the citiy’s Remembrance Day events. Her company will attend a service at the Caird Hall tomorrow night. Scotland welcomes a new Polar Bear as Walker is released into his new enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie. In sport, Dundee fans unite to help their club survive administration woes.
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